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ThunderLeash provides a simpler no-pull solution for your dog with a design that converts from a standard leash to a no-pull leash in seconds. The no-pull configuration applies safe, gentle pressure on the dog’s torso to provide consistent feedback. It stops pulling without the need for complicated harnesses or irritating head-collars. ThunderLeash can adapt to fit all breeds and sizes, and works with any standard collar – simply clip it onto the collar, wrap it around your dog’s torso, and go! Recommended by positive-based trainers across the country, this leash requires no training and has an extremely high success rate.

Key Benefits

  • Gentle feedback encourages dogs to stop pulling by applying safe pressure around your dog’s chest.

  • For aggressive or small dogs the pressure around the chest is safer than using only a standard collar which can lead to neck injuries if tugged to hard

  • Easy to use with no training required and is recommended by positive-based trainers across the country

  • Includes a soft-touch handle for your hand’s comfort, works with any standard collar and fits all breeds and sizes

  • Great for leash pulling, lunging, sidewalk walking, training, vet visits, and other dog interaction


While the use of a ThunderLeash in the “no pull” configuration applies much less pressure on the neck than connecting directly to a standard collar, the “no-pull” configuration does not eliminate all pressure on the neck or trachea. If your dog shows any signs of distress from pressure on the neck when using a ThunderLeash, stop use and contact us. If your dog has a sensitive neck or trachea, we do not recommend using a ThunderLeash.

  1.  Clip ThunderLeash onto your dog’s collar and slide the leash strap into the “No-Pull” Solution Position. Wrap the ThunderLeash around your dog’s torso and slide the leash into the “No-Pull” Solution Slot on the hardware.

  2. Adjust the Slack Buckle until ThunderLeash stays loosely against your dog’s torso without tension on the leash. You should be able to easily slide two fingers between the leash and your dog’s chest when your dog is not pulling.

  3. The Safety Buckle prevents too much pressure from being applied when dog pulls. Follow guidelines in the Buckle Adjustments table below to position the Safety Buckle properly. Adjust as needed.

Additional information

Weight 0.5000 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 8.50 x 11.50 in



Medium/Large, Small


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