Kelly’s Favorite Treat Assortment


Our dog, Gene Kelly’s Favorite Treats from our Bakery Case!


Kelly is our brave man! His full name is Gene Kelly, althought we thought he was more of a Kelly then a Gene, so we call him Kelly! Kelly was adopted a couple years ago for Adopt-A-Husky in Chicago. Adopt a Husky took ownership of Kelly through a puppy mill bust in Michigan, where conditioners where not the best. Kelly was actually a foster Dog for Todd when Adopt-a-Husky orginially took control of him, however Kelly was such an amazing puppy he decided to fully adopt him, only a couple hours after Kelly came home with him. Unfortnelty Kelly was still feeling effects from the puppy mill, and he had quite the case of hip dysplasia in his rear end. In Feburary 2018 Kelly under went full hip replacement surgery. It was very long recovery process but Kelly was brave, he loved to go to his under water treadmill rehabilitation. Now Kelly is doing great and loves to run, play and jump with his sister Judy Garland.  This assortment features some of Kellys favorite treats that are sure to help any brave dog take on a new challenge.

Gene Kelly’s Treat Assortment Includes:

x12 – Crazy Twist

 x6 – Skinnie Minnie

 x2 – Peanut Butter Specialty

 x2 – Heathers Hydrant

 x2 – Gingerbread Paw

 x2 – Chippies

All treats are hand crafted by Happy Husky Bakery in Evanston, IL using Human Grade Ingredients. Ingredient and Gauranteed Analysis can be found on the specfic Treat pages in the online shop.

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Weight 1.0000 lbs


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