Ginger’s Favorite Treat Assortment


Our Dog, Ginger Rodger’s Favorite Treats from our case!


Ginger was one of the founding dogs of Happy Husky Bakery. Ginger along with Astaire was a driving force behind the treats during inception of the Bakery. Ginger was a very picky eater, and was under weight when she was adopted from Adopt-a-Husky in Chicago. In order to get Ginger to eat more and put on some weight, Todd (Her owner) started to cook food for her and make his own version of a dog treat Ginger would hopfully actually like and importantly want to eat. Eventually he would create the Crazy Twist, a chicken and flackseed treat in the shape of a twisted stick. Ginger LOVED this treat and was always so excited to get a Crazy Twist. Unfortunetly Ginger Rodgers passed away in Decemeber of 2017 and Happy Husky Bakery has since renamed the crazy twist to “Ginger’s Crazy Twist” in honor of our sweet girl Ginger.


In this assortment of Gingers Favorite Treats you will find:

18x – Crazy Twists (Gingers abolsulte favorite!)

 2x – Peanut Butter Shoe

 1x – Secret Sunflower


All treats are hand crafted by Happy Husky Bakery in Evanston, IL using Human Grade Ingredients. Ingredient and Gauranteed Analysis can be found on the specfic Treat pages in the online shop.


Additional information

Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 4 in


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