Astaire’s Favorite Treat Assortment


Our Dog Fred Astaire’s Favorite Treat Assortment from our Bakery Case.


Astaire is the original Happy Husky! The first husky of the four we have had! This big man was the kindest, sweetest, Husky we have ever had as well! Astaire was also the biggest husky we had! He loved all the treats in the case, so this treat box is the biggest and has atleast 1 of every treat we can ship in it! Unfortnetly in Summer 2014 he was diganosed with a Tumor and was only givin a couple more months to live. To our pleasent surprise Astaire manged to stay around for about 6 more months! Unfortently in December 2014 Astaire passed away surrounded by his Happy Husky Family. Astaire is deeply missed everyday here at the Happy Husky Bakery, along with his Sister Ginger. The Peanute Butter Specialty Bowties are the Treat that Astaire was the inspirition for, cause who would Fred Astaire be without his bowties! Astaires Favorite Treat Assortment is packed full with atleast one of every treat that we can ship and is designed to give your loved on as much love as possible, just like Astaire would do to everyone who came into the store, dog or human.


Fred Astaire’s Favorite Treat Assortment Includes:

12x – Crazy Twist

12x – Skinnie Minnie

 6x – Pepperment Kisses

 3x – Peanut Butter Specialty

 2x – Secret Sunflower

 2x – Chippies

 1x – Gingerbread Paw

 1x – Heather’s Hydrant

All treats are hand crafted by Happy Husky Bakery in Evanston, IL using Human Grade Ingredients. Ingredient and Gauranteed Analysis can be found on the specfic Treat pages in the online shop.

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Weight 1.5000 lbs


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