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A Breed Apart

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Just Say No To On Leash Meetings

We all know how wonderful our dogs are. We are proud of them. We know how social they can be. We want them to be happy. Walking up to a unknown dog and having them bark and lunge at our dog is not fun for them. Your dog may be the dog that lunges and barks. You know your dog is possibly fearful of unknown dogs. Please don’t get a “let’s give it another try” attitude. Just stand up for your dog and when someone asks. “Is it ok? My dog is very friendly.” You can say my dog is friendly too but fearful of dogs he/she does not know so it is not a good idea. Or just “No, I don’t think it is a good idea. If pressed just stand up for your dog and say no!

As long as we are on the topic. Could I please make a plea for dogs and their parents on two accounts:

1. If you are approaching unknown dogs at night, take your dog onto the parkway as close to the curb and let the other dog pass. If you want to be even more understanding, move to the other side of the street at night. I have had many more people say thank you than thought that their dog was not well-behaved or dangerous. Why should you care what they think? Isn’t keeping your dog calm and safe more important.

2. If you are approaching or following a dog and that dog stops to do their business. STOP! Wait for them to finish AND give their parent time to pick up before proceeding. As a parent have you ever been stressed when someone else approaches with their dog when yours is doing #2. Especially if your dog is playful, rambunctious or fearful. Most importantly when you bend down to pick it up. You are now in a position that you could be pulled over by your dog and you could let go of your leash. You can just be concentrating on picking up and if your dog pulls to want to get to that dog, over you go again and worse case you get pulled right into the poo you were trying to pick up. (Yes, happened to me.). Please put yourself into the other parents place and THINK!

Central Street WINS Award for Being Top 10 Neighborhood in America

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